Doctorate / Post-Doctorate


The programs at American Andragogy University are designed based on the andragogic system where the student can design its study plans based on its interests or necessities or it can used the study plan issued by AAU and its academic advisors.

The purpose of a doctorate degree is to form researches that can achieve original contributions in a specific area. Such original contributions will be expressed in an individual dissertation. Leading to the granting of the academic title of Doctor with the specification and to the current state of knowledge in the disciplinary or interdisciplinary areas of the subject.


  • Diploma or certificates of completion of a master’s degree or its equivalent plus three years of academic or work experience in the study area of interest.
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Study Term

The Doctorate’s program contain a minimum of 8 modules to develop. The program can take between 12 to 24 months as a maximum to completion and the student must submit at least one module monthly.

Credits Table

The total number of credits needed in order to obtain a Doctorate degree is 60.

AAU will grant a maximum of 9 credits that the student has obtained from other universities, educational institutions and for work experience. Your work experience must correlate with the academic area of interest that you are studying.

On the first phase of the student’s academic virtual platform, the student must complete the five mandatory subjects that has been established by our academic department (each course grants 3 credits).

AAU also provides its students with an election of 8 to 14 courses to develop based on the criteria of the assigned academic advisor.

Below you will find an average credit table that AAU grants its students:

15 credits for the mandatory subjects
9 credits obtained for academic and/or work experience (maximum)
24 Credits granted
24 Credits for the modules to develop (Minimum of 14 courses)
12 Credits for the dissertation
60 Total Credits needed for a doctorate degree