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There are three good reasons for Distance Education

    • a) Time Availability
      Distance Education gives the opportunity to conveniently manage time. When we say “Time Availability”, we refer to the possibility of organizing your time in accordance to your needs. Once self-discipline is attained, students will be able to use their time freely and then experience a real sense of freedom.
    • b) Experimenting Personal Growth
      When your life is organized and you work with a specific schedule, you start feeling like a different person, someone that has crossed the boundaries of disorganization, someone reliable and of great value.
    • c) High Motivation Scope
      A motivated person is capable of performing any assigned or self-assigned task. A person that has finally managed to organize time wisely and has experienced the feeling of personal growth, feels consequently high levels of motivation. This enables the person to efficiently succeed in any task.

The diplomas of the different programs that AAU issues, do not mention any word or reference that the studies made were done remotely or online. Your academic record or any other document you receive from AAU uses the same standard as all universities in the United States.

The number of courses required varies depending on the student. The following are the requirements for the courses: for a Bachelor degree, students will have to take from 15 to 22 courses and the final thesis; for a Master’s degree, 10 to 15 courses and the final thesis and for a Doctorate degree, 8 to 12 courses and the final thesis. Most students complete their courses in less than 18 months.

Each academic institution worldwide has its own internal statutes and in many cases, they must comply with the laws of the country where they are established. If the concept of “transferring credits” to another institution is the primary objective of your studies in AAU, the student is responsible to verify this before beginning the study program. The different academic institutions evaluate the transfer of credits according to their own criteria. Some academic institutions are flexible in accepting credits from other institutions, but others are restrictive.

AAU respects the unique rules and regulations of each country and does not seek to influence the respective authorities.

Absolutely. AAU accepts the studies carried out in different academic institutions around the world. AAU also recognizes the work experience that the student has had in the program of his interest. The Academic Department will analyze and evaluate the different certificates and at its discretion will grant academic credits to the student.

Students from all over the world with the academic and work experience required for the program of their interest can enroll in AAU programs.

American Andragogy University meets all state and federal laws as a degree-granting institution in the United States and the State of Hawaii. The university was legally established by corporate charter in 2009 and since its incorporation, has complied with the regulations established by the state of Hawaii (RHS446E). However, since AAU uses a non-traditional study method, is required by law to place the following disclaimer:


Note: In the United States and abroad, many licensing authorities require accredited degrees as the basis for eligibility for licensing. In some cases, accredited colleges may not accept for transfer courses and degrees completed at unaccredited colleges, and some employers may require an accredited degree as a basis for eligibility for employment.

American Andragogy University applies the highest standards of academic excellence to each course designed and delivered. Students can feel secure in knowing that AIU is NOT a diploma mill, nor is AIU a quick fix for a degree. With or without accreditation, AIU maintains the highest standards of academic integrity and delivers quality education to its students.

AAU is not accredited because it is a different option than traditional universities. All programs at an accredited university comply with an established course curriculum. However, AAU being a different option offers the student the following advantages:

    • a) It gives the power to the student to develop its own study plan based on their academic and labor necessities. That is why our students must have a defined profile with experience in the area that they want to specialize.
    • b) AAU grants academic credits for work and academic experience. Such credits would not be granted by an accredited university.
    • c) The student has time flexibility and can manage their own time. The biggest advantage is that the students will access this type of independent education in the comfort of their home, thus eliminating the difficulties of geographical location, organization of study time and respect for family life and work obligations.
    • d) The student will have the opportunity to be able to develop his researches and academic works in the Spanish language.

Due to the methodology used by AAU, which is customized for each student, anybody can enroll at any time of the year.

Not necessarily, since the academic programs that AAU offers are 100% online. Once the student graduates, all graduation documents will be sent home. However, the student is always welcome to visit us at any time.

American Andragogy University is located in the state of Hawaii. The graduation documents awarded are:

    • 1) Title of the career (Diploma) completed in Spanish. Signed by a notary public in the state of Hawaii.
    • 2) Transcripts in Spanish. Signed by a notary public in the state of Hawaii.
    • 3) Certificate of graduation in Spanish. Signed by a notary public in the state of Hawaii.
    • 4) Certificate of graduations in English. Signed by a notary public in the state of Hawaii, and the international Hague apostille.

Apostilles (The Apostille is a legal figure that was established in 1961 in The Hague, Netherlands. It is important to point out that the document that has the Apostille is a confirmation of the legality of the document).

Acceptance of the titles that AAU grants will depend on the employer; it is also good to inform you that the programs that AAU provides to its students do not require a special License in their country to be exercised.

Absolutely, it is safer and more practical, for the following reasons:

      • The operation is instantaneous.
      • Your Credit or Debit Card Bank or Agency will not make any additional charges.
      • Your payment receipt will be sent in no less than two hours after receipt of the payment confirmation.
      • You can confirm the respective position with your respective Bank or Financial Agency.
      • If for any reason AAU does not comply with the respective commitment, you may cancel the transaction on the same day via our Finance Department or your own Bank.