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American Andragogy University is based in 126 Queen Street 224 in the city of Honolulu – State of Hawaii in the United States of America, since 2009. 

American Andragogy University complies with all local and federal regulations as an academic institution in the State of Hawaii-United States (Statute: RHS446E). The registration of AAU can be found on the following website of the Governor of the State of Hawaii:

The study programs can be developed in English or Spanish, the student can choose either language.

Yes, the study programs can be developed 100% online from anywhere in the world.

The duration depends on each student, and it can be based on the amount of time invested in studies and the number of courses that can be recognized through academic or work experience. It is important to note that the duration of a distance learning program is different from the time given in traditional in-person studies. Distance learning programs do not have breaks for semesters or vacations since courses develop according to the pace at which the student completes them.

Certificate: 4 to 6 months (approximately)

Bachelor’s Degree:  16 to 30 months (approximately)

Master’s Degree: 12 to 16 months (approximately)

Doctorate’s Degree (PhD): 16 to 24 months (approximately)

Post-doctorate’s Degree: 16 to 24 months (approximately)

AAU offers a Virtual Academic Platform in which students can have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without a set schedule. Due to this modality, the student has the autonomy to organize an agenda based on their professional and personal needs. We understand that most students have family, academic, and work responsibilities and it is for this reason that the study methodology that is used allows them to have a flexible schedule and direct contact with the academic advisor assigned for the respective coordination in the development of the personalized study plan.

The study system and methodology included to all academic areas of the following levels of professional studies:

Certificates – Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate’s (PhD) and Post-doctorate’s degrees

The study programs consist of four academic phases: 

Phase I:  In this phase the student will have to successfully complete 5 mandatory courses set by AAU.

Phase II:  This is the phase where you will get a personalized study plan. The student can either develop their course or have them recognized and validated through their work and academic experience.

Phase III: Thesis or dissertation development phase. (It does not apply for certificates).

Phase IV: Data verification for the preparation and printing of all the graduation documents of the student

The studies are conducted through a distance andragogical (self-taught) system via a Virtual Academic Platform, where the student, under the guidance of our academic advisors, can receive theoretical teachings and develop their intellectual capacity freely.

Once the student is enrolled in the study program and has access to the Virtual Academic Platform, the Academic Department of AAU designs a personalized curriculum based on the academic and professional interests of the student. This curriculum will include courses to be taken and courses that the student wishes to be recognized based on their academic and professional experience. 

Yes, in fact, students from all over the world are welcome at our alma mater. We are here to lead their learning process using technological tools and a personalized tutor.

The required basic documents to be submitted for any program that AAU offers are: 

  • Valid personal identification with photo (driver’s license, ID card, national identity card, etc.)
  • Curriculum Vitae: CV (Resumé)

Certificate Program: High School Diploma or a General Education Development certificate or its equivalent.

Bachelor’s Degree: High School Diploma or a General Education Development certificate or its equivalent.

Master’s Degree: Bachelor’s degree or a pre-graduate diploma (or its equivalent)

Doctorate’s Degree (PhD): Master´s degree or a post-graduate diploma or its equivalent.

Post-Doctorate’s Degree: Doctorate’s Degree (PhD) or its equivalent.

The curriculum vitae or resume is important because it allows us to know the academic and work experience of the our applicants.

Based on the experience that our applicant may possessed; the Academic Department will determine: 

? Approval and acceptance into the professional program of interest.

? Validation/recognition of studies realized in other higher education institutions even if they were developed in other countries. 

? Granting of a scholarship that can reach up to 80% discount based on the regular cost of the study program.

AAU provides all its students with the opportunity to qualify for a partial scholarship and to make payment in a single installment or in monthly installments. To qualify for a partial or half scholarship, enter your information in the following link: 

Absolutely! In fact, AAU accepts studies that were taken at different academic institutions around the world. AAU also recognizes the work experience that the student has had in their program of interest. The Academic Department will analyze and evaluate the different certificates and according to their criteria will grant academic credits to the student. The finalized recognition of studies will help the student reduce the time to complete their studies and finally graduate.

Each higher education institution or education regulatory body has its own criteria, standards, and particular processes when it comes to validating or recognizing studies. The criteria may be based on the program of studies, the number of credits, or they may require more graduation documents with certain specifications. AAU provides its students with all graduation documents duly notarized, legalized, and attached with the International Apostille of the Hague, but it is not involved in the validation processes that students wish to perform in their own country. This process is conducted personally by the student themselves.

For security reasons (protection of personal information) and legality (state laws in Hawaii), AAU cannot provide private information of its students to third parties. Once a student has graduated, they are asked to send us their comments and photographs along with their graduation documents. However, it is up to our alumni whether they provide us with the requested information.

The study methodology offered by AAU is personalized for each student, and this allows them to enroll at any time and any day of the year. However, if there are promotions or partial scholarships available, it is best to take advantage of them as they are limited.

Once the AAU Finance Department has confirmed the payment sent by the student (full payment or enrollment fee), the following information will be sent by email and WhatsApp:

? Letter of admission.

? Payment receipt.

? Access keys.

? Admission agreement between the student and the university. 

Once the student has access to the Virtual Academic Platform, they will follow these steps:

? AAU will assign the student an academic advisor who will be in contact via WhatsApp within an average of 24 hours.

? Sending recommendations and guides to start the development of the study program.

To make a payment for enrollment or monthly tuition, any of the following payment methods can be used:

? Credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard o American Express).

? International wire transfer

? PayPal

? Western Unión or Money Gram

American Andragogy University grants its graduated students the following printed documents:

  • Degree title (diploma). 
  • Record of transcripts.
  • Graduation record.

Graduated students (for an extra cost) can request the following documents:

  • Thesis certificate.
  • Modality of studies certificate.
  • Detailed study plan.

International legalization and apostille of Hague of the graduation documents.

American Andragogy University for an extra cost, realizes the international legalization and apostille of Hague procedures for the graduation documents granted.

The Hague Apostille is a certification of legal value used to verify the authenticity of a document in the field of Private International Law. The Apostille is attached to the graduation document for its recognition and validation in foreign countries (valid only for countries that are participants of the apostille convention).

American Andragogy University conducts the process of legalizing and obtaining the International Apostille of the Hague for the requested graduation documents. It should be noted that in the State of Hawaii – United States, only documents in English can be legalized and apostilled. 

The responsibility of successfully executing and obtaining legalized and apostille graduation documents lies with AAU which will perform the following:

  • Notarial signature of the document by a Public Notary of the State of Hawaii.
  • Authentication of the document by the First Circuit Court of the State of Hawaii.
  • International Hague Apostille granted by the Governor of the State of Hawaii.

The graduation documents from the different programs issued by AAU do not mention any word or reference that the studies were performed through the distance learning methodology or online. The academic record or any other document that the student receives from AAU uses the same standard as all universities in the United States.

Not necessarily, since the academic programs offered by AAU are 100% online. Once the student graduates, all graduation documents will be sent to the postal address that the student provides us. However, the student is always welcome to visit us at any time.

The acceptance of the degrees awarded by AAU will depend on the employer or the entity or institution that you are applying to. You need to consider that that AAU fulfills its commitment to all students who have completed their studies by delivering all graduation documents duly notarized, legalized, and attached with the International Apostille of The Hague.