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American Andragogy University is an educational institution that offers distance-learning programs for adults who have the ability to implement the self-study methodology such as courses, diplomas, degrees, masters and doctorates.

These studies are carried out with the andragogic study system, in which the student provides theoretical learning, to assimilate these techniques and thus apply them within everyday life.

To achieve the development of a self-taught student, AAU offers its students the following:

  • The use of different virtual libraries where students have free access to books and electronic publications.
  • Study Platform: For students to have access to the information related to their academic progress in an organized way, have direct consultations with their academic advisor and have updated information of their program using the Internet.

AAU, provides the main tools for the development of its students, it also expects them to develop certain characteristics based on the andragogic system:

  • Defined personality.
  • Previous experience in the area of study.
  • Ease of learning.
  • Being oriented to self-study.
  • Being motivated to learn.
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AAU, under the concept of andragogy, offers students free and creative learning, where they discover their talents and capacity for intellectual development with the help of academic advisors assigned.

Distance Education

AAU offers students a distance learning method, in which there is no need to physically attend class. They use a virtual study platform where they have access to their personal advisor.

What makes this method attractive is that students can enjoy a flexible study schedule, organizing their time freely and with a high level of self-discipline.

With the system offered by AAU students will have access to andragogic education independently to where they live, eliminating the difficulties of geographical location, study schedule management and respect for family life as well as work obligations.


The development and continuous improvement of our academic programs under the andragogic study method. At the same time, to ensure that the academic and professional progress of our graduates be useful and ethical for their development in society.


Making andragogic education, an academic tool that helps strengthen the human being in all aspects related to its integration with the social environment. In the same way, making individuals collaborate with the development of their integration to society in a positive way.


Andragogy is the science and art that, being part of anthropology and being immersed in permanent education is developed through a praxis based on the principles of participation and horizontality. The process of which, being oriented on the synergetic characteristics by the academic advisor, allows the increase of the thought, self-management, quality of life and creativity of the adult participant, in order to provide an opportunity to achieve self-realization.

Philosophy of Andragogy

Giving students autonomy, where they will be able to develop their personal training, managing their own time at their own pace. Andragogic education will also give its students the freedom and creativity necessary for the development of their program, making them more independent.