Naun Orlando Aguilar, Honduras

Master in Legal studies in Labor Law

I found the university to be quiet considerate. Its staff is very respectful and understanding. As for the academic advisers, they were helpful and very responsible in the handling and use of the online platform.

Luis Alberto Contreras Pinzón, Colombia

Doctorate in Project Management

Being part of this academic model was particularly beneficial to me. In my country, the andragogical methodology is just beginning to be implemented.

Patricia Elizabeth Castillo Cautullin, Ecuador

Doctorate in Linguistics

My experience with this university has been excellent, I was helped in every way. My academic adviser was always aware of my work and followed up with me constantly. AAU provides dedication and perseverance to their students to always get ahead.

Paolo Andre Amaya Alvarado, Peru

Master in Environmental Engineering

AAU is an institution that promotes academic growth and provides constant support at any time.

Jose Javier Hernandez Morice, Costa Rica

Master in Finance

100% comfortable payment arrangements. The learning methodology and reference libraries are excellent.

Jose Daniel Obdulio Jimenez Batista, United States

Doctorate in Environmental Engineering

AAU is a university with the most advanced tools in technologies, communications, humanism, sciences, higher teaching and administrative staff; that make honor to the Andragogical methodology; forming professionals of high quality academic with holistic criteria.

Gloria M Mercado Olivero, United States

Doctorate in Education

The follow up from my advisers has been a great help to my professional growth. Their study methodology gives the opportunity to those students, who work and have families, to complete it successfully

Henry Londono Contreras, Colombia

Doctorate in Education

The counseling was excellent, always attentive to my requirements. The Methodology is very useful in each of the processes taking into account the experience.

Maria De Los Angeles Zeno Cardona, Puerto Rico

Doctorate in Educational Technology

The experience at AAU was one of growth, rejoicing and challenges. I appreciate your great support and this great academic experience. Thank you.

Moises Merida Duque, Venezuela

Doctorate in Petroleum Engineering

The andragogical methodology of AAU allows the construction of the knowledge from the practical and the professional experience.

Sergio Aguayo Chandia, Chile

Doctorate in Political Sciences and Government Administration

It is highly recommended to follow a curriculum in such an important institution of higher education in order to meet the demands and expectations of a globalized and inclusive world. This way, we are hand in hand with the world today.

Ruben Alberto Badaracco Cardozo, Uruguay

Doctorate in Primary Education

My experience with AAU has been incredible, first of all because I had given up in completing my postgraduate studies and I found the opportunity to finish it in AAU.

Luis Mauricio Ramirez Bonilla, Colombia

Bachelor in Philosophy

An excellent opportunity and, above all, very valuable option to recognize the studies carried out and the work experience in the area of your expertise.

Liliana Monica Priotti, Argentina

Bachelor in Physiotherapy

My experience in AAU was very significant. I can vouch and give my eternal gratitude for the academic and moral support which I was offered at all times in AAU by the director as well as the academic advisers.

Henrique Nsolo Olosio, Angola

Doctorate in Business Management

It was nice to discover AAU. I had a unique academic assistance. It is a flexible university that knows how to respond to the needs of its students.

Fernando Francis Saenz, Costa Rica

Master in Health Science

With AAU and its Andragogical system, the professional becomes a researcher who learns by investigating with a constant and complete academic counseling.

Dixiana Herrera De Mier, Panama

Doctorate in Linguistic

The academic advisers were people who collaborated and managed to guide me to obtain my PhD.

Felicita De La Paz, Dominican Republic

Doctorate in Theology

I had a great Self Learning Experience while I was developing each course.

Marco Antonio Gomez Velez, Mexico

Doctorate in Industrial Engineering

It is formidable and motivating, Anyone can reach their goals and be where you want to be. It is an excellent option for preparing yourself.

Ireneo Owono Mba Obono, Equatorial Guinea

Master in Legal Studies

The experience I had in AAU is worthy of being valued in the positive sense, and for that reason I have seen fit to follow the program of the doctorate in the same university.

Claudio Daniel Tornatti Rodriguez, Spain

Bachelor in Industrial Engineering

My experience at AAu was very positive in every way. Personally I have found a space where I have been able to develop academically without barriers and the with the unconditional support of the counselours who are available at all times.

Walter Flores Mencia, Honduras

Doctorate in Criminology

It has been a very good experience because I was given the opportunity to develop the main subjects of my particular interest as they are vital importance for my professional development in my current work.

Anderson Carlos Francisco, Angola

Bachelor in Telecommunications

All AAU departments are very attentive. The methodology is very good for those who have work experience. I searched and found AAU and in my opinion is the best there is.

Wander Numa, Haiti

Doctorate in Family Therapy

This methodology is excellent because it gives the student the ability to design their own study plan and choose the courses and work in autonomy.

Justo Faustino Mbuña Moliko, Equitorial Guinea

Bachelor in Biomedic Engineering

The academic experience I've had simply helps me a lot to think  and reflect. This means that we can do many things when we want.

Carlos Luiz Viera De Andrade, Canada

Bachelor in Publicity

I really recommend AAU, because it combines education and affordability that provides you with a legal diploma, so once again, I recommend it!

Margarete Da Silva Santos, Angola

Bachelor in Public Administration

The experience with AAU has proven to be very beneficial for my career.

Laura Monterrosa Granados, El Salvador

Bachelor in International Relations

Every department of AAU were in touch and providing advice though each step of the processes. I recommend this method to all people interested in finishing or follow through college studies

Bernardo Irepa, Paraguay

Bachelor in Electrical Engineering

The follow up and the orientation from the support staff is also remarkable, and the easy payment options along with the scholarshipsin offer by AAU is also of a great value. The andragogy methodology is unique.