Doctorate in Auditing

1) Introduction

The doctorate degree program will allow our students the ability to self-learn. AAU will provide all the necessary tools to achieve the highest level of learning. This way, academic progress and knowledge will always be measured thanks to the continuous evaluation of the assigned academic adviser. The distance learning method will help our students optimize their time and effort for their own educational development.

The intellectual capacity reached by our students in this program will allow them to recognize the present in our current world. This way, our students will be able to improve and innovate the processes of communication and negotiation appropriate to the field of their environment that they want to develop.

2) Requirements

Personal photo identification. 

Diploma/certificate of a master’s degree or its equivalent

3) Study Plan

The study plan consists of 3 academic phases:

First Phase: Students submit their academic and work-related experiences to the appointed academic adviser to confirm their academic level or to validate the courses offered by other study or work centers. At the same time, the student will have to complete 5 mandatory subjects of general knowledge. According to the average timeframe, students must complete this phase within 2 to 4 weeks.

Second Phase: During this phase of the program, students will develop a study plan based on their own academic or professional interests, together with an academic advisor. Once the plan is completed the academic advisor will evaluate the proposal and inform the student of its approval. Once the study plan has been approved, the student can start with the research and development of each course.

Third Phase: It is the phase where the students present their thesis proposal. Once approved by the academic advisor the student can start with the research and development their thesis.

4) Methodology of study

AAU offers a distance learning method in which students do not need to physically attend classrooms. They adopt a study platform where they have access to their personal tutor.

  • Students can have a flexible study schedule and organize their time with a high level of self-discipline.
  • Once the student is officially enrolled in our program, a user and password will be assigned to access the virtual academic platform. This process should not take more than 24 hours. The student virtual academic platform is useful for our students to manage their educational progress in an organized way.
  • The student will be able to make use of different virtual libraries that can be found on the internet. This way, students will have free access to books and electronic publications, as well as academic databases.

5) Academic Credit Table

The total number of credits required to complete a doctorate degree is 60.

Phase 1: 5 mandatory classes which are worth 3 credits.

Phase 2: 8 courses each worth 3 credits.

Phase 3: The thesis is worth 10 credits.

Total credits granted by AAU.

15 mandatory credits +

24 credits (10 courses) +

12 credits (thesis) +

9 credits for academic and work experience


60 total credits for a doctorate degree

6) Academic goals

The goal of this study program is to provide students with the information, ideas, and skills that they need to live a happier and more intellectually rewarding life.

7) Suggested Courses

The following courses can guide the student to make its own personalized study plan: